System monitorowania widma MS27103A

Identyfikowanie i lokalizowanie sygnałów zakłócających


Kluczowe cechy i korzyści

  • 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Sweep speed up to 24 GHz/s
  • Integrated web server to view, control and conduct measurements via a web browser (both Chrome and FireFox supported)
  • Remote firmware update capable
  • Watchdog timer to insure long-term stability for remotely deployed monitors
  • Linux operating system
  • Low spurious signals for accurate signal discovery
  • 20 MHz instantaneous FFT bandwidth
  • Low power consumption < 11=”” watts=”” (input=”” voltage=”” 11=”” to=”” 24=””>
  • Integrated GPS receiver for monitoring location and time synchronization applications
  • Gigabit Ethernet available for high speed transmissions
  • Interference analysis: spectrogram and signal strength
  • Dynamic range: > 106 dB normalized to 1 Hz BW
  • DANL: < -150=”” dbm=”” referenced=”” to=”” 1=”” hz=”” bw,=”” preamp=””>
  • Phase noise: -99 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz
  • IQ block mode and streaming with time stamping for TDOA applications
  • Vision software optional for automated spectrum measurements, setting alarms and geo-locating signal sources

Dostępne opcje:

MS27103A-0706               9 kHz — 6 GHz Spectrum Monitor

MS27103A-0424               24-port option

MS27103A-0412               2 Ethernet ports for daisy chaining

MS27103A-0400               Vision™ Monitor

MS27103A-0401               Vision™ Locate (Option 400 required)

MS27103A-0110               Power Supply 110/220 Vac

MS27103A-0407               High-Speed Port Scanner


The MS27103A remote spectrum monitor is designed to identify and locate interfering signals. This serves to optimize the user experience, a key goal for network operators. This translates into customer loyalty, reduced customer churn and superior brand.

Additionally, DAS systems are being deployed extensively around the world to provide high data capacity in dense user environments. These include transport hubs, sports stadiums and shopping malls. From a single equipment room, multiple feeds pan out to a distributed array of antennas. Monitoring for interference signals on each of these RF feeds is essential to maintain capacity for the DAS system. The MS27103A is the perfect monitoring solution for DAS systems to help maintain overall system performance.

The MS27103A is housed in a rack-mountable enclosure with 12 (or optionally) 24 RF Inputs. An electronic switch is used to address each port. The MS27103A is a full featured platform for monitoring and recording signals at user specified frequencies.


Pomiary nadajnika za pomocą MS2760A

Pomiar mocy w kanale, szerokości zajmowanego pasma, mocy w sąsiednich kanałach


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